tell me no lies…

what would your mama say? (Posted on August 21, 2011)

You sent me this email:


At the Ft. Hood Memorial Service…
The Crotch Salute Returns
I am sorry folks, but is this the MAGGOT that was elected President of our country? You know, the United States of America .
I do believe that saluting the flag goes with that, as does respecting and honoring the service members who have died. Does this pompous ass believe he is above that gesture? He can shower us all with flowery words (via TelePrompTer) and dazzle us with his B.S., but actions speak louder.
This sucks!
EVERYONE needs to see this Pic!

Then reality rears its ugly head!
Watch this: (especially 11 to 12 minutes into this c-span news video)
(the errantly described photo was taken at precisely 11 minutes 30 seconds)

click here to see: courtesy of c-span video

If you can’t find a real issue, why not just make one up? Don’t you guys ever get tired of these lies and deceptions?

If you have a legitimate issue, bring it on! Mama would be proud. Lord knows there are issues with this administration, but what would your mama say about using staged pictures and outright prevarication? Would she be temped to cut a limber branch from the dogwood tree and tan your hide?

This video clearly shows Obama was not saluting because:

he would be: saluting himself. Duh!

Hail to the Chief (da da da daa da da da da da da daaaa da) was playing (clearly heard in the c-span video above) and he just entered the stage. This was not a memorial
salute. Truth be known, this was not at Ft. Hood, TX but a grueling 23 hours and 52 minutes by car (1482 miles) away at Arlington National Cemetery at the beginning of the ceremonial “laying of the wreaths” for the unknown soldiers.

Maybe Obama should walk around with his right hand crossing his heart constantly so he would not have pictures taken purporting to be irreverent? If you did not know, fine, but before you send this disgusting crap to anyone else, duh, maybe you should research it? Heaven help him if he ever scratches his balls!

Mama has spoken.

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