I got a first produced Google (Asus) Nexus 7 32GB. It worked fine for about two Months and then I had to hold the power button for well over 40 seconds. This can and does cause finger cramps.

Now almost every time it goes off I have to hold the button for about 42 seconds. Sometimes I have gone over a minute with no success then wait a moment and try again for 42 seconds and it would present the black and white Google startup screen.

There is not cause to shout or gnash teeth, but surely some cooler heads should prevail. This is not normal. I cannot believe it was designed this way. I have used Asus products with great results for a score (two decades) and find it hard to believe that the Asus processor and a Linux based Google created OS that boots reliably in my Evo and Optimus smartphones EVERY TIME could possibly have this much trouble simply starting.

Come on, you apply a low or high signal to a chip and they start. What is so different here? Why has no one asked, “What gives?”

Why is Google not taking ownership of this issue? I have needed information contained in my Google Nexus 7 and had to tell customers I would get it later because I could not quickly access the OS (Jelly Bean 4.2.1 at present).

Let’s ask why and see if a firmware upgrade can be made to fix this. One more thing, my Asus Transformer TF101 occasionally had the same issue but I know of no other tablet afflicted with “Slow On Disease” (SOD).

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